Workshop 10th July at 10am in Boys Sunday School

10am – 11am – Young Performers workshop

11am Adults and Teens put names against parts interested in

11am New Adults Audition

11.15am Adults and Teens workshop with lib for each of part

Please Note:

Scripts are not available before the workshop!

Main roles

1 King Crumble: the ruler of Puddingland. A jovial glutton, who's reluctantly trying to lose some weight.

2 Mother Muffin: the dame. The owner of the Big Buns Bakery, which has lost a lot of business.

3 Spotted Dick: her son. Principal boy. Cheerful and helpful.

4 Doctor Drizzle: the villain. Has arrived in Puddingland with plans to seize the throne. Has a brolly and various surgical tools, e.g stethoscope, inflatable hammer, syringe.


Medium roles

5 Plum Duff: the Doctor's dozy lackey. Hypotised til near the end.

6 Ryvita Ryebread: the King's personal trainer. A fitness fanatic, strict but well-meaning.

7-8 Jammie Dodger and Ginger Nut: the King's thick and squabbling servants. Could be combined into one part if needed.

9 Angel Cake: the man in the moon. Watches over Puddingland and introduces the story. Could play another character, e.g. Prince Piecrust, but not one that appears in the finale.

10 Prince Piecrust the King's brother: A leering military type. Non-singing role. Only in two scenes, but he could return when Doctor Drizzle is exposed. Awful enough that we don't care what happens to him. If you had casting problems, he could be the same actor as the Man in the Moon.

11 Madame Meringue: Mother Muffin's sneering rival. Non-singing role. Snobbish owner of the Patisserie Profiterole. Not really French, so her accent sometimes slips.

12 Farmer Flapjack: Supplies milk, eggs, etc. to the Bakery. Only in two scenes, but he could return when Doctor Drizzle is exposed.


Lighter roles

13 Spongecake the Spider: Helps catch the flies in the bakery. Appears later in the show.

14 Signora Sourdough: a fraudulent medium who conducts a fake séance. Non-singing role. Only in one scene. Could be the same actor as Madame Meringue.

15 Creamcake the Cow: Non-speaking, just says 'moo'. Could be two people, depending on costume. A back-and-front costume would be better, so she can hand out a carton of milk, pack of butter, etc.

16-17 Stars: Angel Cake's friends in the sky. Parts for children? Could increase in number and/or double up as soldiers.

16-17 Soldiers: Corporal Cookie and Private Pastry. Could be same people as stars.