24th to 27th November 2021 

Tadcaster Theatre Company Vs The Coronavirus

No, it not the name of our latest Pantomime. Covid-19 has created havoc with The World, The Country and Tadcaster Theatre Company. The week before we were due on stage with Spamalot we had the rug pulled from under us by the Government, closing the Riley-Smith Hall. However, we took it in our stride and started to look for ways to salvage the situation. But it was soon apparent that there was no easy solution and we reluctantly took the decision to cancel, not only the show, but any hope of staging it in the future.
Do not be disheartened, the committee have been holding regular on-line meetings to plan our future. We definitely have a PANTOMIME ready to go. As well as other shows for your entertainment. We can’t wait to get back on the stage and see the end of this horrid virus. The sooner the world can get back to some impression of normality the better.

So, keep an eye on this website where you will find out the situation regarding our future productions.
In the meantime, PLEASE STAY SAFE AND WE WILL SEE YOU SOON.Type your paragraph here.


Tadcaster Theatre Company Vs The Coronavirus

When The Going Gets TOUGH, The Tough Get Going

If you are a past or present member who wants to join us for Cinderella this year please let Catherine know ASAP....... email catherine.marshall@tadcastertheatrecompany.org parts will be allocated so please please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to join us after what has been a crap year!

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We are Tadcaster Theatre Company (TTC) based in Tadcaster (perhaps better known for the beer than the performing!) Formerly known as Tadcaster & District Amateur Operatic Society, we changed our name to reflect our performances and strengths and are now in our 66th year.
We are a friendly group of enthusiastic, amateur performers who come together to share our love of theatre.

   Our shows are performed twice a year in the Riley Smith Hall in Tadcaster. 
   Since its opening in 1942, The Riley Smith Hall has become 'the' venue in 
   Tadcaster, hosting numerous types of events from dance classes to discos; 
   amateur shows to weddings.  
   It can seat an audience of 362 for a show, with a special view available 
   from the large seated balcony. 
   The Riley Smith Hall is located central to Tadcaster, within walking 
   distance of the central car park.